Sunday, September 30, 2007

Techcombank’s total assets reaches nearly 1 billion USD

Customers are best served at Techcombank

Up to October 2006 Techcombank has total assets of 15,759 billion VND, an increase of 6,000 billion VND compared with the same period last year. Total accumulated revenue for the first 10 months of this year is 1,099 billion VND of which revenue in October accounts for more than 139 billion VND, up 68 % over last year.

Accumulated pre-tax profit for the first 10 months of this year reaches more than 258 billion VND of which pre-tax profit for October only accounts for 31 billion VND. This illustrates Techcombank’s strong growth.

Total fund mobilized up to October is nearly 14,000 billion VND, an increase of 522 billion compared with September 2006 and up 65% over the same period last year. Fund mobilized from individuals is more than 6,269 billion VND. Fund mobilized from financial institutions posts an increase of 10 % over the same period last year, reaching 2,158 billion VND.

Total loans outstanding went up 42% compared to that of October 2005, reaching 7,742 billion VND. ROE ration in October reaches 3.49%. Up to the end of October 2006, Techcombank has issued a total of more than 105,000 debit cards and has installed a total of 98 ATM machines and 2,200 POS nationwide.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


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Tel: +84 (4) 944 6368; Fax: +84 (4) 944 6362
Telex: 411 349 HSC TCB


Welcome to Techcombank, one of the largest and fastest growing full service joint-stock banks in Vietnam. Headquartered in Hanoi, we have opened 73 branches and transaction offices in 16 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam after 13 years of operation, aiming to reach the target of 200 branches countrywide by 2010.

As of 24th September 2006, Techcombank had registered capital of VND 1,500 billion, total assets of nearly VND 15,759 billion, and a total staff of over 1,300[1]. In terms of total assets and revenue, our annual growth rate has been in excess of 30% over the last three years. Within the next three to five years Techcombank plans to become one of the largest joint-stock Banks in Vietnam with registered capital in excess of VND 1,500 billion and total assets of over VND 22,500 billion.

Every person or organisation doing business with Techcombank has access to our extensive range of banking products and services, provided by a friendly, trained and efficient staff and fully supported by the automatic and customised features of our on-line Globus system.

Techcombank now services nearly 100,000 individual customers, who represent about 27% of the Banks total loan portfolio[2]. For these customers, Techcombank provides a full range of products and services to meet the particular needs of this customer group at various stages in their lives, and includes demand deposit accounts, savings, loan, payments, credit and debit cards, investment, guarantees and safe custody facilities. Our key products and services for these customers are cards, consumer loans and house mortgage.

Techcombank is also providing its comprehensive range of services to over 10,000 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) throughout Vietnam, which represent about 65% of the Bank’s total loan portolio and 90% of its non-credit revenues[3]. The services include accounts, term deposits, loan facilities including working capital and fixed asset financing, factoring, financial and operating leases, trade finance and cash management services. We also provide businesses with competitive treasury and derivative instruments, as well as financial assistance schemes in cooperation with international service providers.

For State and large-scale private enterprises, which currently represent 8% of the Bank’s total loan portfolio and 8% of its non-credit revenues[4], Techcombank provides key products and services including cash management services, fixed-asset financing arrangements and international settlement and electronic banking services.

In the treasury market, Techcombank is proving to be one of the most dynamic in the industry, when acting for and on behalf of large corporations and financial institutions. In cooperation with large international institutions and trading floors, we provide a comprehensive range of products including foreign exchange, money market and securities trading, hedging and derivative products for many our domestic customers.

At Techcombank, we believe that good corporate governance is a fundamental element to achieve the Bank’s vision – to become one of the most favourable banks in Vietnam. Hence, corporate gorvenance is an important focus of the Bank and has provided the platform for our growth so far. Our corporate governance, build on key components such as harmony of interests between all of the Bank’s stakeholders, active participation of the Board of Directors in the operations of the Bank, timely Management Information Systems, advanced Human Resource policies and ethical code to act honestly, fairly, diligently and progressively in accordance with the law and in serving the interests of all Techcombank’s stakeholders, has been implemented successfully under the strategic guidance and oversight of the Board of Directors and the Board of Management and gives us competitive advantages.

Risk management is another matter that is receiving our great attention. Techcombank’s business controls are governed by an ongoing focus on risks in compliance with our overall strategy. Risks are grouped under three main categories: market risks, credit risks and operational risks.. At Techcombank, we do not only integrate risk management processes into all of our business planning, execution and monitoring procedures, but also in the establishment of branch-wide independent risk management frameworks and infrastructures in the form of documented credit policies and handbooks, industry monitoring system, customer rating system, bad debts alerting and monitoring systems, liquidity and daily interest rate fluctuation supervision systems.

Since the end of 2003 Techcombank has developed one of the most advanced Information Technology Banking systems in Vietnam, and our Globus on-line network now connects all branches and transaction offices.

In September 2004 the Quality Management System ISO 9000:2000 was implemented by Head Office, certificated by BVQI, and is now being applied in all branches. The quality management is clearly customer-focused and helps to improve our service quality and better manage the risks.

Striving for high quality customer service, we have also developed and implemented many projects in the staff training, customer relationship management, and we are in preparation for launching new products in investment and asset management areas.

Looking ahead, we know that there are still many challenges facing us in our quest to become one of the largest and most successful banks in Vietnam. However, this aspiration is underspined by our staff members’ confidence, commitment and decisiveness, they are all committed in their thoughts and actions to the future development and success of the Bank. This in turn will provide more benefits for our customers, and added value for our shareholders:- “Techcombank for empathy and reliability”.